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Protecting Your City from Wildfire (2022)

Available On-Demand | California and the West continue to be pummeled by ever larger and more devastating wildfires. The trend is intensifying, with six of the ten largest fires in the state occurring just in the past two years. Communities are under growing pressure to become far more proactive in order to save lives and structures from fire. The very survival of many communities — in both physical and economic terms — is at risk, and that risk is rising.


California Cannabis Control 2021 (On-Demand)

Available On-Demand | Infocast’s third annual California Cannabis Control Virtual Conference empowers local government officials and law enforcement agencies to provide an effective and safe regulatory framework for this growing industry. This remarkable get-together will provide a thorough briefing on policy changes, including the consolidation of the state’s three licensing agencies into the Department of Cannabis Control. Attend to gain the resources and knowledge necessary to operate from a policy perspective, including best practices and lessons learned from law enforcement strategies and tactics, new tax frameworks and monitoring systems, and feedback from communities that have developed cannabis fire, building, zoning and land-use policies.

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Protect Your City from Wildfire

Available On-Demand | Climate change has greatly intensified the risks and damage of wildfire in California and across the west—resulting in record breaking numbers of fires, acres burnt, and communities threatened. Next year may be worse still. In addition to the risks to people and their homes, communities are finding that the higher than ever costs of fighting these fires has collided with Covid-19 and the economic downturn to squeeze public budgets. Local authorities need the most up-to-date information about successful strategies and cost-effective approaches to risk mitigation, and to facilitate coordination with state and federal agencies, local authorities, and other critical players in the effort to protect their citizens and structures.


Projects & Money (On-Demand)

Available On-Demand | Now in its 13th year, Projects & Money is going virtual! After an eventful 2020, it's more critical than ever to bring together the country’s leading energy project developers and the financial community for the perennial “one-stop meeting central" for project professionals.

For over a decade, Projects & Money has established itself as the most powerful venue for the project finance community to network, share information about upcoming opportunities, get the latest market intelligence and outlook on trends, and hear the most valuable perspectives on financing and deal-making in the gas, power, and renewables markets.


Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy

Available On-Demand | Mid-Atlantic Renewable Energy will bring policy-makers & regulators together with utilities, IPPs, developers of Wind, Solar & Storage projects, investors, financiers, and other industry stakeholders to examine the biggest PJM market challenges, navigate the complicated landscape and take advantage of the vast opportunities for renewable energy in the market.


Southeast Renewable Energy (On-Demand)

Available On-Demand | Southeast Renewable Energy is the annual networking summit where the entire southeast renewable energy community gathers to get the latest insights into the market and to meet key players. Don’t miss it!


California Energy (On-Demand)

Available On-Demand | The 8th Annual California Energy Summit will bring together California’s top regulatory officials, utility and public power leaders, and developers to discuss the statewide implications of SB100 and solutions to California’s most pressing challenges in forming a 100% green grid.


Solar Power Finance & Investment (On-Demand)

Available On-Demand | The Solar Power Finance & Investment Summit is recognized as the leading gathering place for the industry’s deal makers. Each year, senior-level solar and financial executives mingle in an intimate setting that provides for an efficient, in-depth, and focused networking experience


California Cannabis Control (On-Demand)

Available On-Demand | Municipalities in California have the opportunity to mitigate a thriving illicit market and increase public health and safety by enabling regulated and tested cannabis products. However, approximately two thirds of California municipalities ban commercial cannabis activity, potentially increasing public health and safety risks. Among other issues, developing, implementing, and enforcing cannabis regulations with limited staff continues to be a problem for many government agencies. How to do these things during a pandemic adds a further level of complication.

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