California Cannabis Control (On-Demand)

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Municipalities in California have the opportunity to mitigate a thriving illicit market and increase public health and safety by enabling regulated and tested cannabis products. However, approximately two thirds of California municipalities ban commercial cannabis activity, potentially increasing public health and safety risks. Among other issues, developing, implementing, and enforcing cannabis regulations with limited staff continues to be a problem for many government agencies. How to do these things during a pandemic adds a further level of complication.

Infocast’s California Cannabis Control Virtual Conference, presented entirely online on September 8-10, provides government officials and law enforcement agencies with resources and knowledge to operate from a policy perspective. The conference focuses solely on the public sector and how local officials can effectively tackle the challenges that come with regulating the newly legalized and commercialized cannabis industry in California.

Now in its second year, California Cannabis Control offers concrete lessons from public sector professionals in municipalities large and small, urban and rural. Don’t miss out on this one of a kind event designed specifically for California municipalities regulating or considering regulating cannabis.

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