Protect Your City from Wildfire

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Climate change has greatly intensified the risks and damage of wildfire in California and across the west—resulting in record breaking numbers of fires, acres burnt, and communities threatened. Next year may be worse still. In addition to the risks to people and their homes, communities are finding that the higher than ever costs of fighting these fires has collided with Covid-19 and the economic downturn to squeeze public budgets. Local authorities need the most up-to-date information about successful strategies and cost-effective approaches to risk mitigation, and to facilitate coordination with state and federal agencies, local authorities, and other critical players in the effort to protect their citizens and structures.

Infocast has brought together a remarkable group of first responders, technical experts and authorities from multiple agencies to deliver the answers your city needs to cope with this growing threat at the 2021 edition of Protecting Your City from Wildfire, presented entirely online to adhere to social distancing guidelines. This unique summit gathers participants from every separate piece of the wildfire mitigation puzzle, enabling attendees to hear multiple viewpoints and lessons learned, best practices in responding to the risk of wildfires, and expert advice on actionable steps to take now in engaging residents, attaining funding, and hardening resources.

Now in its second year, Protecting Your City from Wildfire assembles city leaders, county officials, state and federal agencies, first responders, forestry associations, electric and water utilities, equipment vendors, insurers, academics, and more to discuss how CA can create resilient communities. Let’s reconnect once again – safely and responsibly!

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