California Cannabis Control 2021 (Attendee Access)

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Municipalities allowing licensed cannabis in their jurisdiction offers California communities many benefits: additional tax revenue, increased product safety, and a successful shift away from the black market into a more transparent and controlled environment. Over $1 billion in California tax revenues have already flowed from the licensed industry, demonstrating at least one of the potential benefits of this transition.

However, even as the state and its municipalities are beginning to emerge into the post-pandemic world, the coming era will still confront many California communities with challenges in regulating cannabis. At this point, only a quarter of cannabis is moving through fully licensed channels. Over 80% of licenses granted are still provisional. Various forms of governmental support of the industry, including PPP loans and other subsidies, are now complicating the financial regulatory landscape, as local agencies continue the hard work of developing, implementing, and enforcing cannabis regulations with limited staff and resources.

Infocast’s third annual California Cannabis Control Virtual Conference empowers local government officials and law enforcement agencies to provide an effective and safe regulatory framework for this growing industry. This remarkable get-together will provide a thorough briefing on policy changes, including the consolidation of the state’s three licensing agencies into the Department of Cannabis Control. Attend to gain the resources and knowledge necessary to operate from a policy perspective, including best practices and lessons learned from law enforcement strategies and tactics, new tax frameworks and monitoring systems, and feedback from communities that have developed cannabis fire, building, zoning and land-use policies. All in all, we hope to continue the success of the two previous meetings in building a forum where municipal representatives can learn from each other about how to confront the challenges and seize the opportunities of regulating licensed cannabis.

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