Understanding, Evaluating and Mitigating Congestion & Basis Risk Master Class (On-Demand)

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About the Class  (Co-Hosted with Leidos)

Basis and curtailment risk are among the greatest challenges faced by developers of renewable projects today. The impacts of unexpected basis risk (the difference in the energy price between a project location and its contracted point of delivery) and/or unanticipated energy curtailments can upend project economics and lead to distressed projects. Understanding how transmission congestion drives basis risk and the potential steps to mitigate impacts are critical to navigating these risks.

Developers, investors, lenders and others need the ability to make intentional, informed decisions during project development and investor due diligence that align with their internal tolerance for basis risk. This course provides the basic tools for understanding congestion, evaluating basis and curtailment risks, considering mitigation options, and minimizing exposure to future project revenue.

The Understanding, Evaluating and Mitigating Congestion and Basis Risk Virtual Master Class will provide a deep understanding of the methods, analysis, and due diligence processes currently in place to address basis and curtailment risk.

Attendees will be able to explore specific issues and challenges faced by fellow participants, with instruction from industry-leading instructors with deep experience in analyzing transmission congestion impacts. Attendees will leave the course with a foundational understanding of the issues and concrete tools to incorporate into internal due diligence processes.

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Dhruv Acharya, Senior Energy Market Consultant, LEIDOS
Rob Cleveland, Managing Director, Transmission Planning & Analysis, Leidos
Rick Hunt, Senior Energy Consultant, Leidos
Gary Moland, Vice President, Transmission Planning & Analysis, Leidos

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