Renewable Energy Hedging for Today’s Markets (On-Demand)

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With supply chain woes, tariff changes and the anti-dumping investigation, the war in Ukraine, extreme weather, and other unforeseeable events rocking the markets, renewable energy projects need cost and revenue certainty now more than ever. For more and more projects, hedges are the key to successfully create this certainty and secure tax equity and other financings, as hedges become a larger part of development, finance, and risk management. However, hedging involves complex tradeoffs, and it can be difficult to understand the pros and cons of various hedge products. Moreover, risk assessments have changed drastically over the past year as the market is beset with unforeseeable uncertainties. As hedge provisions change with the markets, counterparties must learn which provisions are still moving forward, and how they impact the risks and rewards of renewable energy projects.

Infocast has built on its strong history of highly-regarded training in the hedging arena to produce a fully-up-to-date Renewable Energy Hedging for Today’s Markets Master Class. It is a truly unique opportunity for attendees to get:

  • a comprehensive, working understanding of hedge types and uses
  • a full analysis of what provisions are most important to a deal, what risks each provision mitigate, and at what price
  • training in the best strategies for negotiating hedges, including a thorough background briefing on the current state of the hedging market, how counterparties view risk assessments, and what those counterparties need from a deal

Our instructors are active on a daily basis in utilizing and negotiating hedges for renewable energy projects, and this is your best opportunity to get your toughest questions answered in a live, interactive, face-to-face format. They will provide a deep dive in the strategies available for mitigating basis risk, show you how to review a term sheet and the legal documentation for hedging arrangements, ensure that you have the skills to protect collateral and interparty rights, walk you through the pros and cons of each type of hedge and its direct and indirect relationship with relevant project risks, and give you the opportunity to profit from both the expertise of the faculty and the knowledge of your peers through extensive Q&A sessions and feedback. This is the only course at this level of sophistication and depth with an exclusive focus on renewable energy hedging markets, contracts and structures – don’t miss it.

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Angelin Baskaran, Managing Director, MORGAN STANLEY
Bailey Johnson, Vice President, Renewable Energy & Environmental Finance, WELLS FARGO
Sondra Martinez, Managing Director, NORD/LB
Abdul Syed, Energy & Global Infrastructure, GOOGLE

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