Negotiating and Documenting Corporate PPAs (On-Demand)

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In recent years, corporate PPAs have represented an increasing renewable business development opportunity as corporate buyers look to reduce their environmental footprint and lower their energy costs. However, as C&I offtakers have become ever more savvy about negotiating favorable terms and ccepting less risk in deals, corporate PPAs have become more complex and demanding for renewable developers. As they incorporate hedges, and other arrangements to manage increasing risk it is increasingly necessary for developers to understand the critical elements of an agreement and how to translate risk into their contract terms.

Moreover, project developers need to hear directly from corporate buyers on how their risk appetite and other goals need to be accommodated in developing projects from the start and in negotiating contracts in order to effectively get deals done—and financed–in today’s market. Only those armed with the latest know-how on today’s cutting-edge structures in Corporate PPAs (including the utilization of government incentives and complex tax rules) will be able to succeed in this highly competitive arena.

Infocast’s Master Class, taught by experts actively transacting Corporate PPA’s will illustrate how to negotiate, structure, and document a Corporate PPA from beginning to end. It will take developers through the entire process from a look at emerging trends in PPA pricing, risk allocation, ESG factors, and structures to negotiating exceptional terms and fully executing viable and bankable deals.

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