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The energy transition requires a profound transformation in the way we produce and use energy. We can only make this happen with a broad range of technologies—and it is becoming clear that among them will be carbon capture, sequestration and utilization. However, developing and financing such projects will involve overcoming a whole series of sometimes novel challenges in a field that is still rapidly developing. Understanding federal and state policies and incentives, obtaining permits, making equipment and technical choices, negotiating contract issues between emitters and decarbonization developers, and structuring deals to meet the needs of investors, lenders and tax-equity: these must all be tackled to bring a decarbonization project into reality. Only the best informed will succeed.

Infocast has created this course in conjunction with active participants in the pioneering decarbonization projects to provide in-depth education and critical market information that those who seek to develop such projects cannot do without. This unique course will:

  • Provide guidance on dealing with the unique permitting, siting and risk assessment aspects of these new types of projects
  • Explain in depth the 45Q provisions and IRS-issued guidance, and identify the potential ownership and project structuring pitfalls in them
  • Let you hear directly from tax equity, development capital and cash equity providers on what they are looking for in these new types of assets
  • Walk you through how to structure your decarbonization projects to take maximum advantage of federal and state policies and incentive programs, and other potential revenue streams
  • Include the latest information from emitters who are looking to install these systems, and the developers working on Direct Air Capture projects
  • Deliver a review of the various types of carbon capture equipment, and where each may be best employed

We think you’ll agree there is nothing like this class available for those who want to engage with CCS and decarbonization projects. Please review our remarkable agenda and faculty and reserve your place today!

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